Is your PC secure?

Do you think your system is secure?

What OS are you using?

What OS are you using?


NRS Tech understands that your business relies on the security of its data.


    By using technologies such as firewalls, VPNs (virtual private networks), and anti-virus/anti-spam software we secure the flow of information within your network and beyond.


The security of your computer is only as good as it's weekest link.


Have you got the:

  • Latest Anti-Virus Software
  • Current Virus Definitions
  • Latest Anti-Spam Software
  • Latest Anti-Spyware Software
  • Most Up to Date Firewall
  • Most Recent Firmware Updates 

    These are just the basics there are many more items within a network to check that we have been trained to look for. These days hackers are using more advanced ways to hack your computer and we are here to help keep you safe. We even offer for personal computers FREE anti-virus solutions as well as FREE anti-spyware solutions.


Let NRS Tech be your first line of defense on the Internet.

We are here to help and to educate. An ounce of prevention...


    We find that in most cases a little education on what to look for goes a long way to preventing most user related issues. Our job is to support you or your company and make your life more simple. We would rather you not have to call us for every little issue as we too understand that every dollar saved goes a long way, especially these days. We would rather see you spend your money on better hardware or software not day to day items that could have been prevented. We hope you can appreciate our stance on this as we don't wish to nickel and dime any of our clients we would rather you save your hard earned money and only spend what is absolutely necessary.